Paddling out back at Widemouth Bay

When you are learning to surf at Widemouth Bay there will be a time when you want to start to paddle out and position yourself beyond where the waves are breaking.

Video showing how to paddle out back into the line up

This is one of the big steps in your surfing career, surfing in the line up effectively takes practice, good technique and a good level of fitness.

  • Timing = Make sure you don't paddle out when there is a set of waves coming in, wait for a lull
  • Time sets so you can do the above
  • Learn to duck dive if your board will allow it and save 60-70% of your energy for riding the waves
  • Study the line up, see where the more experienced surfers are paddling out. Avoid using rips until you feel comfortable, especially near rocks!
  • If the surf is too big for you don't waste your energy! surf on the inside and practice other skills
  • Its hard to catch waves out back so spend some time on the inside so you don't forget how to surf and have fun!
  • Learn the "drop in rule" try to keep out of the way of more experienced surfers
  • Watch surfers out back and see what they are doing
  • Get some intermediate coaching
  • Watch tutorials

Widemouth Bay is a great place to learn to surf and improve! Its super safe and locals are friendly!Happy