Surf Safety for beginner and Intermediate surfers

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Surfing Tips with Taylor!HappyHow to fall off your board without penetrating the water!You don't need to throw yourself off deliberately to land in these positions, just if you fall off without control.I penetrated the water head first into the sand (ha ha!) back in early July 2015 and I still have pain in my shoulders and back now. I was very lucky not to break my neck according to a chiropractor!*Also for beginners/improvers if you are surfing on the inside in very shallow water remember not to run or jump off your board its very easy to hurt your ankle! Just return to crouching position and hop off!Happy

Posted by Raven Surf School on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This Video explains how to land flat when you fall off your surfboard, also beginner surfers if you are riding in the shallows avoid jumping off or running off your surfboard it's very easy to hurt your ankle.