Dane Reynolds chapter 11

This is another little Jem from Marine Layer productions (Dane Reynolds)
A vey honest introspective and candid look back at Dane's life so far mixed with his usual radical surfing!

Dane comes from Bakersfield California which is in land and not far from Kelly Slaters famous wave pool. Dane described himself as a shy sensitive kid!
Dane was teased and bullied by his older brother and when the family moved to the beach and in his own words "became a little shit head with something to prove!"

Driven by wanting to put stickers on his boards and becoming a pro surfer he studied surfing videos to learn his craft and craved recognition! Which of course he received and was head hunted and joined the Quicksilver team because he loved the logo!
Dane says he didn't have that much talent but had a desire to be the best! The jury is out on that one! Happy

It's interesting I remember watching Dane on the CT events towards the end of his competitive career and he just looked so uncomfortable he finished 4th in 2011 and then quit the tour.
" I don't like winning or losing" But seems full of regret saying "I should have milked it for all it was worth"

I think there was similarities between Dane and Tom Curren particularly when Tom dropped off the tour and went on the Rip Curl search and became surfings anti hero which he admitted filled him with regrets!

Pressure built on Danes shoulders as Quicksilver started to get into financial problems, he feared being dropped.
The end result being terrible anxiety and panic attacks thinking he was about to die.

It's a very interesting look into Danes head and he seems to be in a much better place now choosing integrity over glory!

Love the ally-oop which Dane slightly over balances but then goes into the most powerful tail-woft carve 4.45 mins

Some nice clips of Taj Burrow free surfing with a mo-hawk off tour having fun!

Dane Reynolds video Chapter 11

Chapter 11 from Marine Layer on Vimeo.