How to get in a better position to catch waves

Do you paddle out finding some where to sit and then wait or expecting waves to just come to you?

Catching more waves with better positioning

Catching more waves and better positioning!HappyIts important to try and get into position for waves and not just sit in one spot waiting/expecting waves to come to you.Paddle over or up to waves and make small adjustments in your paddling and paddling speed to get into the perfect spot which will improve your rides.This will take practice, be respectful of other surfers don't paddle across them or snake them!Raven Surf SchoolUK (Cornwall) (Lagos)

Posted by Raven Surf School on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A much better plan is to try and search waves out, paddle over to waves get yourself into a better position. You will end up improving your paddle fitness and catching more waves too!
Just remember to give respect to other water users and not paddle across or in front of others!
The video above shows you some examples!