Surf Safety for beginner and Intermediate surfers

In all our surfing lessons in Bude Cornwall and Lagos, Algarve Portugal we will teach you how to fall off safely!

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How to avoid getting your ears drilled

Surfers; How To Avoid Getting Your Ears Drilled

Many surfers will have heard of surfer's ear. This dreaded disease of the outer ear leads to worsening deafness and ear infections.

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Likely To Go Deaf From Surfer's Ear

Surfers Listen Up; Be 17 Times Less Likely To Go Deaf From Surfer's Ear

Most surfers will have heard of the dreaded surfer's ear. It is a common cause of deafness amongst younger people but is totally preventable. It happens when the outer ear and the mastoid bone behind the ear become cold. If you put your hand behind your ear the mastoid is bony lump you can feel.

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